3 Days quick look of Bardia National Park wildlife Tour in Nepal

Wildlife Tour in Nepal If you do not have enough time but want to explore the largest and most undisturbed national park with the highest ratio of tiger sightings, this package offered by Rhino Lodge Bardia is perfect for you. Enjoy village tour, elephant breeding center, sunset from the Giruwa River which is the branch of Karnali River, jungle walk, and nature walk. Tiger tracking and bird watching are highlighted program which will end with a farewell of Tharu cultural program by local Tharu people by their local song and instruments. Rhino Lodge has an air-conditioned room which makes your stay an enjoyable experience.
Key informationGroup safariMaximum group size: 40 personsChildren policy: Children from the age of 2 years are allowed to participate under the supervision of a parent or guardian.Languages: English speaking guidesAll park fees are included.

HighlightsBird watching activityRoyal Bengal tiger trackingJungle walk tour for tiger sight seen Jeep safari and jungle walks w…

Luxurious jungle safari in Bardia national Park

Bardia National Park is the only place in Nepal where you will be encountered with Royal Bengal Tiger on jungle safari trek . Bardia jungle safari gives you plentiful time for photographic tour , Tiger Tracking Tour , Bird watching Tour & Jeep safari tour . Bardia National Park is still untouched national park in Nepal as few tourist reach here for safari tour .

3 Nights 4 Days Package Tour  covers :
Full Day Jungle Walk
Full Day Jeep Safari 
3 Nights air condition accommodation
3 Meal that is  Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
Bird watching , Tiger Tracking & Village Tour sunset view from the karnali river bank .
Elephant breeding center visit & Crocodile breeding center visit .Cultural dance at the hotel premises by local tharu people is the best as you will never get this chance to watch such a dance . Tharu people have helped a lot to make the bardia national park a success story .

Bardia jungle safari package activities are of various types which can be done according to the in…

Smooth-Coated Otters (lutra perspicillata) at Bardia in Nepal

Smooth-Coated Otter has occasional sighting at Bardia National Park, in Western Nepal. Orai, Giruwa and Babai river system has good habitat for them and for enough food they seen those river frequently while hunting. 

Otters are carnivorous mammals found many places in the World. They are a small size with fur on its slimmer body. There are five species of otters found in Asia and there are three different species made home in Nepal and they are, Eurasian, Asian small-clawed and Smooth-coated otters. Smooth-coated otters form small family groups of a mated pair with up to four offspring from previous seasons. Copulation occurs in water and lasts less than one minute.

Fact-File English Name:            Smooth-Coated Otter
Scientific Name:          lutrogale perspicillata
Weight:                        8-10 kg fully growned
Gestation period:         60-63 days
Trophic Level:             Carnivorous
Food needed                 1 kg approx a day
Litters size                    up-to 7 recorded


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Bird Watching in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best destination in world for Bird watching . Bardia National Park  and Chitwan National Park is the best spot in Nepal for  bird watching which is knoow by  lowland forest of Nepal . Rara National Park is the best place to find Water Birds too . Birds in Nepal at koshi tappu wildlife reserve and shuklaphanta wildlife reserve are plentiful . Bardia National Parkbird watching tour can be combine with tiger tracking tour as you can encounter  game animals inside the national park any time .

Rhino Lodge Bardia Bird watching tour will be export by our expert Birding Naturalist who are wildlife photographer , Wildlife Naturalist and Birding naturalist . Our bird watching  naturalist will take you to badaiya lake where you can see more than 100 species of birds .

Tharu Cultural Dance and its history

Tharu Cultural Dance and its history

We believed that tharu people "ethnic group indigenous" lived lower terai from eastern to Western parts of Nepal of the ages. Tharu people says that they are the people of forest and the practising sifting cultivation. They plant rice, mustard, corn, sweet potato, lentils and also collect forest product such as wild fruits, vegetables, building materials. Their times sometimes spent to hunt deer, rabbits, wild boar and fishing in the rivers and oxbow lakes.

Tharu people's social gathering is very interesting. Every special occasion like Dassera, Diwali, Jitia, Maghi they celebrates with dancing, singing. They have some others celebrations as a crops harvesting, new born, marriages and puja's of their own deities. After the colors of modernisation their lifestyle changes from recent years. As of 2011, the Tharu population of Nepal was at 1.7 millions people or 6.6% of the total population in Nepal.

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Some of Bardia's Wonderful Wildlife

ASIAN ELEPHANT (Elephas maximus): Formerly migratory elephants moved between India and Bardia. Now, however, barriers to migration have separated the previously mixing herds. Elephants live up to seventy years and females produce a calf when they are twenty. The gestation period is 22months. They have over 600 muscles in their trunk and can weigh up to 3 tonnes.
The huge bull elephant is one of the most impressive sights to be seen in Bardia.

GREATERONEHORNEDRHINOCEROS (Rhinoceros unicornis): Largest and most heavily armoured of the three species of the Asian rhinos, this massive animal became extinct in Bardia during the second half of the last century. Since the late 1980's a total of 38 rhinos have been trans-located from Royal Chitwan National Park to two localities in Bardia. They are breeding and their numbers slowly expanding,despite some losses due to poaching. The rhino’s habitat is the riverine flood plain and sighting are most frequent from elephant back.